School Procedures & Policies

Morning Drop off
Drop off begins at 7:45am-7:55am for all students. We highly encourage you to use the car line for drop off and pick up of your child. Gate closes at 8:05 a.m. which means that the student is officially tardy. At 8:05am all gates will be closed and you MUST park and walk your child to the main office to sign the tardy sheet. CHILDREN ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WALK ACROSS THE STREET BY THEMSELVES.
Families who only have elementary students will drop off at the east gate. Families who have elementary and/or Kindergarten students will drop off at the west gate. Designated staff members at the gate will assist the children in exiting the car and ensure they enter school grounds. Additional staff members will watch the children (from inside the fence) walk to their respective classrooms.

Afternoon Dismissal
Afternoon dismissal will begin at 2:55pm. Parents will have until 3:15pm to pick up their child. Parents remain in their car/outside the gate. Students remain in their classrooms and will be called when their parent arrives.

Morning Care/Aftercare
Children enrolled in morning care can be dropped off beginning at 7:15am. Students in morning care will be escorted to their classrooms before 8:00am.
Children enrolled in aftercare will be escorted to their designated location immediately after dismissal ends 3:15. Students must be picked up by 6:00 p.m. Late fees will begin to accrue after 6:00 p.m. at a rate of $10.00 for every 10 minutes.
***There is a monthly fee for these services. Please contact the Office if you’d like to enroll your child.

Emergency Procedures/Severe Weather
South Broward Montessori Charter School will follow the recommendations of the Broward County School Board for all emergencies and/or closings. Each family MUST complete the “Emergency Contact Form” at the beginning of every school year indicating who can pick up the student.
In case of severe weather, all parents will be informed of weather-related concerns. Parents will be contacted via email, phone message, voice call, and/or the school website when the school is affected by severe weather. Parents will need to make arrangements for immediate pick up of their child in these situations. No aftercare and/or after school specials will be available.

Uniform Policy
The designated uniform for each level is as follows:

Students must wear closed-toe black shoes (sneakers and/or Mary Jane style). Shoes that have roller skate wheels on the bottom are not permitted.
All shirts must be tucked in every day. The following are the designated colors by level: SBMCS Royal blue shirt (Kindergarten), SBMCS Navy blue shirt (1st-3rd grade), SBMCS Aqua shirt (4th grade).
All shorts/pants/skorts worn by the students are khaki in color and must be purchased from the designated uniform provider. All students must also wear the khaki belt that is available from the uniform store.

It is unacceptable for students to alter the school uniform in any way. In general, earrings are acceptable; however, only small post earrings are allowed. On Dress Down Days, students must dress appropriately for school. No tank tops, short shorts, sandals, clothing with offensive language/images, etc.

Dress Code
A higher standard of dress encourages respect for individual students and others, and results in a higher standard of behavior. Students are required to wear their South Broward Montessori Charter School uniform EVERYDAY under normal circumstances. The only exceptions are:

• P.E. Day (P.E. uniforms must be worn on the child’s designated P.E. day)
• Dress Down Day (Every Thursday or Friday depending on your child’s classroom) please ask your teacher for your specific dress down day. • If you choose to participate in Dress Down Day, please donate $1.00 (please send cash with student).
• Special School Event dress code, parents/students are notified in advance.

Dress Code Violations
If a child comes to school without wearing the proper uniform/clothing for the day, the following procedures will occur:
• First Offense: Verbal reminder to the child; Parent is contacted
• Second Offense: Note Home to the parent (Parent signature required)
• Third Offense: Parent is notified to pick up the child/bring the uniform to school
• Further Offenses: Principal requests a conference with the parent