Mangrove Room

Ms. Delia & Ms. Natalia



Mangrove Tree

We shared our knowledge at the History Fair!

Yet another Friday in our beautiful Mangrove Classroom. The students are concentrating and enjoying the Montessori Lessons.

Mangrove’s beans are growing. The children get to observe in awe the life cycle of plants. This will help them appreciate nature and all living things.

We have some gardeners with quite the “green thumb”. This was our Bean Life Cycle culminating activity. The Mangrove students learned about life cycles of plans, the importance of plants and trees to he environment, and the needs of living things. With this we begin observing how plants grow and develop all it’s parts.

It was a Happy and Creative Valentine’s Day in the Mangrove Room!

The completion of our botany project. So beautiful!

This is the Mangrove leaf project. The children got in touch with their scientist side by hunting for leaves with their families, taking advantage of our beautiful Florida weather!

Ms. Delia presenting an amazing science lesson on pressure!

Getting ready for the Storybook Parade!

Watch the Mangrove Room in action in our video!

Mangrove students have been happily hard at work all through the fall.