PTO News


President: Sandra S.

  • Preside at general PTO meetings and Executive Board meetings, serve as the official
    representative of the PTO, and a primary contact for the principal.
  • Prepare agendas for the monthly
    board meetings.
  • Coordinate the work of all officers and committees so that the purpose of the
    organization is served.

VP of Marketing: Yasira Angulo

  • Handles all media, marketing and websites
  • Newsletter, & Media Relations.
  • Social Media Updates

VP of Volunteers: Bianca Hernandez

  • Handle the coordination and recruitment of volunteers for PTO activities, PTO events, and school
    volunteer opportunities.
  • Coordinate box tops (a committee for box tops is often established)


VP of Events: Andre

  • Handle coordinating and planning for all PTO sponsored events
  • Assist with other school related events, as needed
  • Ensure events run according to plan


Membership Secretary: Valerie

  • Create and maintain the PTO membership databases
  • Creation of the official PTO Membership Directory
  • Check and respond to emails to the PTO email account

Recording Secretary: OPEN (taking applications)

  • Take and compile meeting minutes
  • Gather the information for and complete the newsletter
  • Send notices of meetings to membership

Treasurer: Johanna

  • Receive all monies of the organization
  • Present a statement of accounts at every meeting
  • Keep accurate record of receipts and expenditures
  • Close the PTO Financial Year


PTO MEETINGS – Held Monthly at the Oak Classroom from 6-8PM

*KIDS MOVIE NIGHT + POPCORN is provided to all attendees (Bring the Kids)

Discussions: On Upcoming Events, School renovation, Volunteer hrs, Concerns, New event ideas, fundraising and more!

*All attendees receive an 1hr of Volunteer